Candle Fundraising


Fundraising with Bella-Mia Naturals Soy Candles

Bella-Mia Naturals Soy Candle Co. offers a Highly Competitive Profit Margin for your Fundraising Group on High-End, Hand Poured, Natural Soy Candles. We pass the discount down to you, so that You and Your Organization can Raise more Money for your Good Cause. Bella-Mia Naturals Soy Candle Co. Fundraising Customers earn 25% - 35% back on Each and Every Candle sold. Bonus %% available for reaching sales goals!!
You and your friends get to "Indulge Your Senses", and Raise Money for your Cause.
Luxurious, Long Lasting, Natural Soy Products. A single 8oz Bella-Mia Natural Candle burns for approximately 60+ hours. Additionally, our Candles are 100% Soy and have Eco-Wicks, which are made of all Natural Cotton. Soy Candles are known to be clean burning without the release of very toxic chemicals like traditional paraffin waxes. Bella-Mia Naturals Candles will undoubtedly fill your home with a lush & long-lasting, natural smelling fragrance. Our beautiful candles are considered Vegan and we use only the highest quality products in each and every candle!!

Let Bella-Mia Naturals help you with your next fundraiser     Let Bella-Mia Naturals help you reach your fundraising goals

No Upfront Costs. You Sell, We Fulfill Your Orders. Ultimately Your Organization takes home Profit for your Cause. It's that easy. We also do not require you to make any product purchases upfront. Bella-Mia Naturals Candles allows you and your organization to fundraise easily & efficiently.

We support all types of fundraisers at Bella-Mia Naturals

Bella-Mia Naturals Soy Candle Fundraiser Facility

Our facility allows us to handle any size candle order, small to large. Our candle Fund-raiser can be used anywhere in the country. For those of you who prefer not to run the typical candle fundraiser, you can set up a store in your school or organization and display our soy candles and take orders from there.

Bella-Mia Naturals Soy Candle Fund-raiser Plan

Our fundraiser plan works with 3 easy steps:
  1. Your participants collect all monies at the time the orders are taken.
  2. The **Group Leader totals the amount of candles needed and contacts Bella-Mia Naturals Candle Co. with the order information.
  3. Send your order along with payment to Bella-Mia Naturals Candle Co. 
    Once the order and payment has been received, we fill the order and ship/deliver it to you!

What's Included In Our Fundraiser Plan

Our Candle Fundraiser provides all the sales materials such as sales log sheets and brochures. The forms come ready to use, as we like to keep our fund-raiser as easy for you as possible.

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